Citi Custom Cash Credit Card: Review 2023

Citi Custom Cash Credit Card

Are you trying to find a credit card with outstanding benefits and rewards? The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is the only available option. With this credit card, you can earn points without reducing expenses and receive outstanding incentives for everyday purchases. The remainder of this piece will look at your Citi Customized Money Card in more detail and explain how to maximize the benefits it offers the program.

Citi Custom Cash Credit Card

Benefits of the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card

Cashback Rewards:

A significant rewards program that lets you receive returns on all of your transactions is available with the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card. Every billing cycle, up to a total of 500 dollars spent, you can receive five percent back on purchases made in your top qualifying spend category. All subsequent purchases will earn you 1% cashback. Earning cashback is unlimited, and while your payment method is active, your benefits never expire.

Sign-up Bous:

Additionally, new cards can benefit from a fantastic sign-up bonus. After making seven hundred fifty dollars in buys within the first three months of starting your account, you’ll receive an additional $200 in cashback incentive. This is a fantastic method to begin receiving incentives immediately and can enable you to reduce your regular spending.

No Annual Fee:

The Citi Custom Money Cash Card has no annual fee, which is merely a further wonderful perk. This implies that you won’t have to pay any yearly fees when you want to make use of all the card’s advantages.

Understanding the Rewards Program:

Earning Points:

You only need to make regular purchases using the Citi Custom Money Back Card in order to get rewards. Up to the first five hundred dollars spent, you will get five percent back on purchases made in your top qualifying spend sector each billing cycle. Your spending patterns are used to establish your top qualifying expenditure category, which is subject to adjustment each billing cycle. Additionally, all other purchases will earn you one percent cashback.

Redeeming Points:

Using the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card, for instance, you can convert your points for a variety of things, including cashback, bill loans, presents, and more. Saving your rewards may be done online, over the phone, or via the Citi Mobile Application. As soon as your account is open, there is no threshold conversion needed, and your rewards never expire.

Tips for Maximizing Rewards:

Use the Card for Everyday Purchases:

Use the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card for all of your regular transactions to optimize your benefits. This covers items like groceries, petrol, and eating out. You may get 5% cashback on buys in your top qualifying cost category each billing cycle by using the card for these costs, with a maximum of the first $500 spent.

Take Advantage of Bonus Categories:

Each quarter, bonus categories on the Citi Custom Cash Rewards Credit Card let you earn even more rewards. Gas stations, supermarkets, and restaurants are some of the instances from these categories. Earn these bonuses in order to Simply make purchases in those categories throughout the designated time period using your Citi Custom Cash Money Card to take benefit of these bonus categories. In addition to the five percent back that you’ll receive on your top qualified purchase category each billing cycle, you can receive up to 5% cashback on buys made in these bonus areas.

Pay Your Balance in Full Each Month:

Paying downward your amount in full every single month can help you avoid interest fees and maximize your benefits. You’ll get to make use of all the card’s perks without paying any additional fees as well as facing interest charges by doing this.

Avoid Cash Advances and Balance Transfers:

It’s vital that one avoids using the Citi Customized Cash Credit Card for advance payments or debt transfers, even if it gives fantastic rewards for regular purchases. Due to the higher interest and fee rates associated with these purchases, whatever benefits you received with the card might be quickly canceled off.

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How can I find out what the largest eligible spend category is each billing cycle?

Your top eligible expenditure category is decided using your spending behavior from the past billing period.

Can I get a specific amount of cashback with the Citi Costume Cash Bonus Card?

The amount of rewards you may get with the card is not limited.

No, as well as there is no cap on how much cashback you may get from the card.?

The answer is that there is a three percent international transaction fee for operations carried out outside of the US.

How do I use my Citi Personalized Cash Credit Card rewards?

Online, over the phone, or using the Citi Mobile App, you can convert your points for refunds, record loans, gift cards, and other items.


As a whole, the Citi Custom Cash Money Card is a fantastic option for anybody searching for a form of financing that provides fantastic rewards and advantages. This card is a fantastic way to save cash as well as accumulate points on your regular purchases thanks to its hefty cashback course, sign-up reward, and no annual fee. You can optimize your benefits and make the most of your Citi Customized Money Credit Card by following the advice provided in this article.